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Space Run Galaxy Private Beta Announcement

Hey Space Runners!

It’s time to load your cargo and charge up your laser cannons, shields and reactors for a new mission!

We are working on Space Run Galaxy, the new iteration of the smart mix of strategy, vessel construction, tower defense mechanisms and hyper dynamic gameplay that you discovered in Space Run.

We reached a development state where we’d like to have your feedback to keep improving and ironing out the game!

If you are interested in joining a closed Beta on Space Run Galaxy, fill the form HERE. We’ll contact you by email if you are selected!

See you in space,
Passtech Games & Focus Home Interactive

Update 1.10 – Patch notes


An update for Space Run is now available for everyone, here’s the content of the 1.10b:

    • Added difficulty level: Beginner, Normal and Expert
      • Normal: Standard game rules.
      • Beginner: Enemies deal less damage, hexnuts gain over time is quicker.
      • Expert: Enemies are more resistant, expected delivery times are more demanding.
      • You can duplicate a profile and downgrade the difficulty level but you cannot upgrade it, you have to start a new profile to play in a higher difficulty.
    • Added a new category ‘basic modules’ in the engineering section.
      • Command Bridge:
        • Magnet (passive): Grants an attractive power to command bridge on hexnuts. (Hexnuts will automatically go to your command bridge without moving your mouse to catch them!)
        • Fast Upgrade (passive): Upgrades all thrusters to gain 10% thrust power.
        • Safe Upgrade (active): Restores all hit points to every cargo on the ship. Can only be used once.
      • Empty Cell:
        • Reuse (passive): Cell drops 50 hexnuts when destroyed.
        • Regeneration (passive): Cell restores 5 hit points per second.
        • Fast Build (passive): Reduces constructions’ build time over this cell by 50%.
  • Loading optimization.
  • When you restart a mission, you keep the layout.
  • Added a reorientation shortcut: select a cannon, use the mouse wheel to reorient and click to validate.
  • Added ‘toggle zoom’ option. If activated, no need to hold the zoom in/out key to keep the zoom level.
  • Added ‘voice notifications’ option. You can activate or deactivate them.
  • Added the ability to skip the take-off and boss cinematic with ESC key.

Space Run – Dev News 1

Hey Space Runners!

First of all, thanks to the community for welcoming Space Run so warmly, and thanks for sharing my enthusiasm! Since Space Run is my first game as an indie dev and the launch was stressful for me, I enjoyed your positive feedback a lot!

There were some minor problems at launch and some of you couldn’t play, therefore I started very quickly to debug and I hope that everyone can launch the game successfully now! Thanks to the Focus Team (publisher) for helping me in the crash reporting process.


Needless to say, I keep reading your comments and ideas on the game. I’m glad to see that most of you would like to see the game enhanced – here are my answers to your suggestions:

The pause button

Many of you asked for a pause button allowing building and casting abilities.

(To be clear to new players, there is a pause in the game giving access to various options such as quitting, restarting the mission… but you can’t build in this state.)

 It will disappoint some of you but there will not be an active pause in Space Run because most of the player’s interest for the game comes from the challenging real time threat management and the satisfaction of beating it by scoring the best rank on a mission. I invite the experimented players to share their tricks to reduce the amount of action needed.

The laser canon and its reorientation ability is often described as demanding too much micro management. Don’t worry about that, you will unlock further in the game new weapons with new abilities less micromanagement intensive but very powerful if used with the right timing 🙂


Automatic hexnuts loot

It can be fun at the beginning to collect the hexnuts but you have a lot to do in the advanced levels. We initially planned command bridge upgrades but the lack of time prevented us from putting them in the game. One of them was the automatic hexnuts loot!

Some new upgrades on the standard ship parts are planned for the next patch.


Patch 1.1

The next patch will take into account your feedback. Here is a preview of the looming changes:

–          New command bridge upgrades and empty hex (one of them to automatically collect hexnuts)

–          The space ship will save the last layout after a mission restart

–          You can now skip take-off and boss cinematics

–          You can set up the Buck and Addam acknows

–          New zoom toggle mode

–          Loading optimization


See you soon, Space Runners!



Space Run distribution with Focus

At the end of 2013, Space Run was still not finished and I realized it’s not easy to deal with both the production of the game and its promotion.
My appearance on French events allowed me to meet many French journalists (thank you for your support!) but the notoriety of Space Run out of France remained very limited. My English and communication skills had reached their limits.

That’s why, in December 2013, I joined the Game Connection with the intention of finding a partner for both communication and distribution of the game. I have to say that I was not seeking for funds, as the production of Space Run remained totally independent.

Space Run was welcomed very warmly, and after considering several offers I chose to side with Focus Home Interactive, who brought all I could hope to promote the game.


I have to admit that the Focus team is really great! I quickly met all the people I would have to work with, and they immediately showed great enthusiasm for the project. Moreover, as soon as I signed the distribution agreement with them, I was leaving for a European press tour (Paris, London, and Munich) where the Focus line up was presented to the press. Space Run was presented next to prestigious licenses such as Space Hulk, Wargame, Blood bowl, etc.


Today, I’m on the plane to San Francisco to present Space Run to the American public. It should be the last major exhibition before the game release, and I really hope it will be as kindly welcomed as it was in Europe!

Post-Gamescom 2013


Seeing as how I’ve been back from Gamescom for over a month now, I figured it was time to write something!

As you know (or maybe don’t), I went on a bit of a wild road trip to Cologne with Thibaut and Deborah from Events For Games, as well as with Michael and Thibaut from Mi-Clos Studio. The goal? Gamescom. When we got there we shared a stand at the French pavilion.

Michael with myself

Michael with myself

What was really cool was showing the game off to journalists – mostly French, really nice with the independents – and also to other independent developers that we met there, and whose advice and tips I paid careful attention to. So a quick ‘Hi!’ to Pastagames, Seaven Studio, Ragequit Corporation, Swingswing Submarines and anyone else I may have forgotten.

It was really great meeting you and having a few drinks together! (But 20 centiliter glasses -that’s less than half a pint – really??!!)

And finally a bit of feedback from the French press :
Indius – Preview
Game Side Story – Preview
Game Sphere – Quick impression
Journal du Gamer – Quick impression

And as a bonus, a preview from Canard PC!

Canard PC preview

And there you go. Coming up soon, I’m off to Paris for the EIGD, the 24th and 25th of October!

Space Run playable at Gamescom 2013

Hi everyone,

Space Run was first submitted to Indiecade in June 2013, and will be shown once again at Gamescom in Cologne at the French pavilion. A playable version of Space Run will be on show at the event, so you can try out the innovative gameplay involving space ship construction.

So if you want to try our galaxy wide shipping service, take order at :



Hello world!

Hello world

Today is a great day: I finally put the new PASSTECH games website online.

You will soon get information on my first game, a real time strategy game that will make of you a space smuggler : Space Run. The game will focus on building your spaceship while escaping your enemies.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned!