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Sun Wukong will join the Ravenswatch on November 16!



Greetings, Ravens!

We at Passtech Games are delighted to reveal the newest addition to the cast of Ravenswatch: Sun Wukong, the Monkey King!

:: Update Trailer ::

Our version of Sun Wukong is deprived of his godly powers. His crown has been possessed by an unremovable force, sapping his powers and putting an end to his divinity. He is now raging and bitter about his new mortality. The loss of his powers has also made him return to his primal instincts and his ape-like attitude. That doesn’t make him any less mighty as you can get an overpowered feeling by playing Sun Wukong, thanks to his fancy and flashy moves and his incredible mastery of martial arts.

Get ready for November 16th

Alongside a new Hero, the Sun Wukong Update will bring its fair share of new content and features on November 16!

  • Sun Wukong joins the Ravenswatch with his own set of abilities and special trait, 17 Talents, and 2 Ultimate abilities
  • Online Matchmaking / Quick match
  • Pings on the map in Co-op!
  • Difficulty modes Overhaul
  • And more!

Learn more in our upcoming Dev Diary!

The Passtech Team


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