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The Dark Tales Update is live!



Greetings, Ravens!

The Dark Tales update is now available for free on Steam! This new and fourth Major content update adds a glimpse of each hero’s backstory, new unlockable talents, a very requested feature, and more!

We’re excited to continue the Early Access of Ravenswatch in 2024 and have more major content planned for this year before version 1.0. Check our updated Early Access Roadmap at the bottom of this news.

:: Update Trailer ::



  • Unlock Heroes’ Memoirs and learn more about their pasts and motivations
  • 30+ new Talents to unlock
  • Altar of Heroes: revive fallen teammates or buy extra feathers
  • Rank up to level 8 in the Book!
  • The Sandman now greets you (new voice lines)
  • New servers that ensure more co-op stability (disconnections, delays, high pings…)
  • … and more!

Read the full patch note on Steam

Get the Update

Update the game for free on Steam right now to start playing the Dark Tales Update!


The Fall of Avalon update is now live on Steam for everyone to enjoy. This major update brings the third Chapter of Ravenswatch: Avalon, as well as the highly anticipated Custom Game Modes!
The team at Passtech Games is thrilled to announce "Avalon", the third and final Chapter of Ravenswatch, with an exclusive sneak peek revealed during Nacon Connect 2024!
We’re happy to reveal that the Dark Tales Update will be released on February 1st on Steam!