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The Avalon Update will be released in April 2024



Greetings, Ravens!

The team at Passtech Games is thrilled to announce “Avalon”, the third and final Chapter of Ravenswatch, with an exclusive sneak peek revealed during Nacon Connect 2024!

Watch our Reveal Teaser for Avalon :

:: Update Trailer ::

Get ready for April 2024

  • A new map to explore and reach level 10+
  • New enemies and bosses
  • New themed quest!
    Upgrade your Ultimate abilities!
    And more!

Learn more in our future Dev Diary and Vlog!

The Passtech Team


The Fall of Avalon update is now live on Steam for everyone to enjoy. This major update brings the third Chapter of Ravenswatch: Avalon, as well as the highly anticipated Custom Game Modes!
The Dark Tales update is now available for free on Steam! This new and fourth Major content update adds a glimpse of each hero's backstory, new unlockable talents, a very requested feature, and more!
We’re happy to reveal that the Dark Tales Update will be released on February 1st on Steam!