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Ravenswatch is out in Early Access!



Greetings Ravens,

Your time to save Reverie from the Nightmare has come as Ravenswatch is now available in Early Access on Steam!

Get a glimpse of what awaits you in Reverie with our Early Access Launch Trailer:

Early Access content

  • The First Chapter – The Dark Hills
  • 6 Heroes – Scarlet the Red Hood, The Pied Piper, Beowulf, The Snow Queen, Aladdin and Melusine
  • Over 80 Upgrades
  • Over 50 Magical Objects
  • 10 Difficulty Levels

Early Access Roadmap

We are also working on the future of the game – as showcased in our Early Access Roadmap just below we will add in the future 2 new chapters, more heroes, Upgrades to unlock, monsters, bosses and much more! In addition to all of this as we have done during our Closed Alpha, recommendations from the community and balancing updates will be made throughout the Early Access!

The next update coming this Spring 2023 will include a new Hero, additional Ultimate Abilities and more.

Please note that this roadmap isn’t final, the content and timing are subject to change.


The Fall of Avalon update is now live on Steam for everyone to enjoy. This major update brings the third Chapter of Ravenswatch: Avalon, as well as the highly anticipated Custom Game Modes!
The team at Passtech Games is thrilled to announce "Avalon", the third and final Chapter of Ravenswatch, with an exclusive sneak peek revealed during Nacon Connect 2024!
The Dark Tales update is now available for free on Steam! This new and fourth Major content update adds a glimpse of each hero's backstory, new unlockable talents, a very requested feature, and more!