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Patch note – V. 0.13.02



Greetings, Ravens!

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While the team is hardworking on our next update, the Storm Island Update, we took the time to fix some recurring crashes that were reported by the community. Have a look at the patch note down below for the detailed list and the Known bugs list to check what are the next issues we are working on.

⚠ If you were affected by codes for Co-op not being generated in the lobby, please send to contact[at] the files located in this repertory: Steam\steamapps\common\Ravenswatch_Logs

:: Patch note - Version 0.13.02 ::

Fixed bugs
  • Master Nightmare: Fixed a crash occurring randomly during the Master Nightmare boss fight in Co-op
  • Localization Crash: Fixed a crash occurring when selecting Geppetto while the game language is set to German
  • Cameras: Fixed a crash occurring with camera changes (eg. Melusine leaving Singing Stance)
Known issues
  • Some codes don’t generate in the lobby, preventing people from playing in Co-op (we have added logs in this version to help us locate this issue)
  • Desynch issues may still occur (we have located the main issue and we are working on it)
  • Projectiles from Heroes or enemies go through slopes
  • Play with the same characters in co-op (2 Scarlets, 4 Aladdins…)
  • On Steam deck, some attack signals are not displayed (while we provide a solid fix, you can switch to Proton version 6.3-8 on your Steam Deck)

:: Early Access Roadmap ::

Our next update will be one of the biggest we make during Ravenswatch’s Early Access, it’s also game-changing as we bring a whole new Chapter to explore and much more! You will soon reach the deadly shores of Storm Island, a whole new area with new environments, enemies, and bosses!

Adding a new Chapter also means updating the game’s loop as you will be able to level up your Heroes even further and continue your journey to save Reverie! Be ready for a whole new challenge.

Our goal is to release the Storm Island Update this summer (window from June 21st – Sept. 23rd). We’ll be able to communicate a release date when we’ll have more visibility.

:: Fan arts ::

Thank you all for the warm welcome for Ravenswatch’s Early access and for sharing your artwork!

By @PositivePatrick
By @AlejandroLechón
By @Janfon1

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The Passtech Team


The Geppetto Update marks the first content Update for Ravenswatch since the launch of the game in Early Access, and it's available NOW FOR FREE on Steam!
Our team has been working on optimizing Ravenswatch's Online experience for the last couple of weeks and this patch should help players that have encountered issues while playing in co-op.
Make room for Geppetto, the Italian woodcarver, and father of Pinocchio