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Patch note – V. 0.12.01



Greetings, Ravens!

Our team has been working on optimizing Ravenswatch’s Online experience for the last couple of weeks and this patch should help players that have encountered issues while playing in co-op. Check the patch note down below for additional information.

Stay tuned for the Geppetto Update, coming out later this month on May 31st!

Learn more about what’s coming next in our previous post.

:: Patch note - Version ::

Fixed bugs
  • Network issues:
    + Desynch issues: Desynch issues have been limitedand *dramatic* desynchronizations should be less frequent.
    Note: Though the Desynch issues still remain as it is a core problem of the online architecture of the game, we have pushed numerous fixes that should prevent vast delays from happening for some players. The issue can still be present depending on the internet connection between the host and peers.
    Internet connection logs: You can now check the quality of the internet connection of all the players by pressing Esc/Start. Screenshotting this menu while encountering Desynch issues and sharing it with us on our Discord server will help us in resolving this issue.
    Play with more than 4 players: Fixed an issue where it was possible to play with more than 4 players (sorry, hehe)
    + Spreading across the map: We have made adjustments so that being spread across the map should now be a smoother experience
  • Grimoire of Monsters: Fixed the issue where Grimoires were not lootable after completing the activity
  • Early Access message: The Early Access message appearing at the end of each run has been moved to appear only at the end of a run in Nightmare 9
    Note: The message appearing at the end of each successful run, no matter what Nightmare level you were on, was confusing for players and let them believe that they had reached the end of the Early Access content, although more characters, upgrades, magical objects, and Nightmare difficulties were not unlocked.
  • Sandman: Fixed an issue where the texts in the Sandman’s shop were not localized
Known issues
  • Some codes don’t generate in the lobby, preventing people from playing in Co-op
  • Intangible enemies on 3/4 multiplayer
  • Random crash occurring during the Master Nightmare boss fight
  • Projectiles from Heroes or enemies go through slopes
  • Snake Nightmares can teleport outside of the Tumor or Grimoire challenges
  • Play with the same characters in co-op (2 Scarlets, 4 Aladdins…)
  • On Steam deck, some attack signals are not displayed
  • Various localization issues

:: Early Access Roadmap ::

The next content update in line is the Geppetto Update, set to release on May 31st! Check the visual down below to this what’s coming, or watch the reveal teaser here.

:: Fan arts ::

Thank you all for the warm welcome for Ravenswatch’s Early access and for sharing your artwork!

By @Janfon1
By @DungeonGaro
By @RaaziaArt

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The Passtech Team


While the team is hardworking on our next update, the Storm Island Update, we took the time to fix some recurring crashes that were reported by the community.
The Geppetto Update marks the first content Update for Ravenswatch since the launch of the game in Early Access, and it's available NOW FOR FREE on Steam!
Make room for Geppetto, the Italian woodcarver, and father of Pinocchio