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Geppetto will join the Ravenswatch on May 31! (Reveal Teaser)



Greetings, Ravens!

The team at Passtech Games is beyond excited to finally reveal the next hero to join the Ravenswatch as well as announce the release date of the Spring update!

Make room for Geppetto, the Italian woodcarver, and father of Pinocchio:

Get ready for May 31st!

The Spring Update – also now known as the Geppetto Update – will release on May 31st with even more content:

  • Geppetto joins the Ravenswatch with his own set of abilities and special trait, 14 Upgrades, and 2 Ultimates
  • All the heroes can unlock their second Ultimate ability
  • Teleport yourself from anywhere on the map, while not in combat
  • More voiced barks and now short dialogs between the heroes
  • And more!

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The Geppetto Update marks the first content Update for Ravenswatch since the launch of the game in Early Access, and it's available NOW FOR FREE on Steam!
Our team has been working on optimizing Ravenswatch's Online experience for the last couple of weeks and this patch should help players that have encountered issues while playing in co-op.
Ravenswatch has been out for a couple of weeks already (time flies) and we are now ready to share a patch oriented on fixing DX12 issues, as well as optimizing the Steam Deck version and more