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Update 1.10 – Patch notes


An update for Space Run is now available for everyone, here’s the content of the 1.10b:

    • Added difficulty level: Beginner, Normal and Expert
      • Normal: Standard game rules.
      • Beginner: Enemies deal less damage, hexnuts gain over time is quicker.
      • Expert: Enemies are more resistant, expected delivery times are more demanding.
      • You can duplicate a profile and downgrade the difficulty level but you cannot upgrade it, you have to start a new profile to play in a higher difficulty.
    • Added a new category ‘basic modules’ in the engineering section.
      • Command Bridge:
        • Magnet (passive): Grants an attractive power to command bridge on hexnuts. (Hexnuts will automatically go to your command bridge without moving your mouse to catch them!)
        • Fast Upgrade (passive): Upgrades all thrusters to gain 10% thrust power.
        • Safe Upgrade (active): Restores all hit points to every cargo on the ship. Can only be used once.
      • Empty Cell:
        • Reuse (passive): Cell drops 50 hexnuts when destroyed.
        • Regeneration (passive): Cell restores 5 hit points per second.
        • Fast Build (passive): Reduces constructions’ build time over this cell by 50%.
  • Loading optimization.
  • When you restart a mission, you keep the layout.
  • Added a reorientation shortcut: select a cannon, use the mouse wheel to reorient and click to validate.
  • Added ‘toggle zoom’ option. If activated, no need to hold the zoom in/out key to keep the zoom level.
  • Added ‘voice notifications’ option. You can activate or deactivate them.
  • Added the ability to skip the take-off and boss cinematic with ESC key.

8 thoughts on “Update 1.10 – Patch notes

  1. William

    I think I just got the update through steam, like some of the changes, but reorienting modules using scroll wheel no longer works (running on windows 7).

  2. Malte

    Nice Updates…
    by the way, it is a very adictive game. 😉

    BUT i would prefer something to create own missions and own starship styles for that mission.
    You included the milenium falcon, something like a star destroyer in a battle focused mission would be very nice. 😉 You see, there are many possilbilities for new missions. All we (the community) need is a map editor and perhaps a modding entrance (to repaint the cells or something like that). 🙂


  3. Andrey

    Hello, developer!

    I want to say thank you for your game!
    She just fuc***king cool!

    We, the fans, need a sequel! Additions and hats;)

  4. Jack

    Brilliant game! One of a kind! Agree with the other comments here! Great news to hear of a sequel too!! Seriously nice work!


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