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Space Run distribution with Focus

At the end of 2013, Space Run was still not finished and I realized it’s not easy to deal with both the production of the game and its promotion.
My appearance on French events allowed me to meet many French journalists (thank you for your support!) but the notoriety of Space Run out of France remained very limited. My English and communication skills had reached their limits.

That’s why, in December 2013, I joined the Game Connection with the intention of finding a partner for both communication and distribution of the game. I have to say that I was not seeking for funds, as the production of Space Run remained totally independent.

Space Run was welcomed very warmly, and after considering several offers I chose to side with Focus Home Interactive, who brought all I could hope to promote the game.


I have to admit that the Focus team is really great! I quickly met all the people I would have to work with, and they immediately showed great enthusiasm for the project. Moreover, as soon as I signed the distribution agreement with them, I was leaving for a European press tour (Paris, London, and Munich) where the Focus line up was presented to the press. Space Run was presented next to prestigious licenses such as Space Hulk, Wargame, Blood bowl, etc.


Today, I’m on the plane to San Francisco to present Space Run to the American public. It should be the last major exhibition before the game release, and I really hope it will be as kindly welcomed as it was in Europe!

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