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Space Run – Dev News 1

Hey Space Runners!

First of all, thanks to the community for welcoming Space Run so warmly, and thanks for sharing my enthusiasm! Since Space Run is my first game as an indie dev and the launch was stressful for me, I enjoyed your positive feedback a lot!

There were some minor problems at launch and some of you couldn’t play, therefore I started very quickly to debug and I hope that everyone can launch the game successfully now! Thanks to the Focus Team (publisher) for helping me in the crash reporting process.


Needless to say, I keep reading your comments and ideas on the game. I’m glad to see that most of you would like to see the game enhanced – here are my answers to your suggestions:

The pause button

Many of you asked for a pause button allowing building and casting abilities.

(To be clear to new players, there is a pause in the game giving access to various options such as quitting, restarting the mission… but you can’t build in this state.)

 It will disappoint some of you but there will not be an active pause in Space Run because most of the player’s interest for the game comes from the challenging real time threat management and the satisfaction of beating it by scoring the best rank on a mission. I invite the experimented players to share their tricks to reduce the amount of action needed.

The laser canon and its reorientation ability is often described as demanding too much micro management. Don’t worry about that, you will unlock further in the game new weapons with new abilities less micromanagement intensive but very powerful if used with the right timing 🙂


Automatic hexnuts loot

It can be fun at the beginning to collect the hexnuts but you have a lot to do in the advanced levels. We initially planned command bridge upgrades but the lack of time prevented us from putting them in the game. One of them was the automatic hexnuts loot!

Some new upgrades on the standard ship parts are planned for the next patch.


Patch 1.1

The next patch will take into account your feedback. Here is a preview of the looming changes:

–          New command bridge upgrades and empty hex (one of them to automatically collect hexnuts)

–          The space ship will save the last layout after a mission restart

–          You can now skip take-off and boss cinematics

–          You can set up the Buck and Addam acknows

–          New zoom toggle mode

–          Loading optimization


See you soon, Space Runners!



13 thoughts on “Space Run – Dev News 1

  1. Andrew

    Great game, great patch features, keep up the good work!

    It there a specific place where one can leave feedback (bug reports especially)?

  2. Daniel

    Loving the game dude, just one thing I’ve noticed is that ‘Enemies’ is missspelt as ‘Ennemies’ in a couple of places in the engineering upgrades tab in-game. No issues whatsoever apart from that, thanks for making a sweet game

  3. Ryan

    I think another cool thing you could add for later on is an “infinite mode” and a “sandbox mode” where in the infinite mode, you start with a ship and it just gets harder and harder until you lose and in the sandbox mode, well, you have unlimited money at the beginning.

  4. DaMayan

    Awesome game!

    The preview patchnotes also sound great. The boss cinematics can get a bit long when trying the same level mutiple times. The same with having to redo the initial layout.

  5. Sergey

    Hey guys, I remember seeing somewhere that Space Run will be available on Mac, if so, can you please clue me on when this can happen?

  6. Daniel

    My kingdom for a pause feature!

    I am enjoying the game quite a bit. However my biggest complaint would be that there’s really no way to know the optimal stuff to build to survive a mission based on the small amount of information you get at the beginning (will they mostly come from the top? will they have ion cannons? anti-missile defence?). You have to play it, learn where the enemies come from while failing, then play it a few more times to try and do better. This Nuclear Rumble mission is really the worst in this manner. There’s no way to build the right stuff without dying a bunch of times.

    I would consider myself to have pretty good control in games, Starcraft 2 is a favorite. But I can’t make use of the majority of the actions on my ship WHILE placing buildings properly WHILE timing their building WHILE predicting the future. You guys added a ton of cool abilities but 90% of them go unused as I stick to the few in the heat of battle that have served me well. A pause feature would be amazing. Yes you would have to rebalance aspects of the game, it would be worth it.

    The weapon systems and building are so great, I think they are not fully used in the current mission format. Next game, take the story missions from Space Runner into Rebel leader into Fleet commander. It will be the stuff of space fantasy.

  7. lemdoran

    Hi, tanks for your work.

    I must say i agree with comment upside here, an infinite mode can be a really fun “endgame” stuff.

    Like; you choose a hull sample, you take of from station then ennemies came again and again with stronger ships each waves.

    Basicaly just a game about scorring.

    A score can be something depending of time traveled, money picked up, cargo carried (if cargo, i think this kind of game can be full “utilities stuff”)

    Well, that’s it 😉

    Please consider this, i think it can magicaly give an unlimited game time potential compared to the ~6h i have need for a full 5* :p

  8. mogmog


    Great iteration of the TD style, really enjoyed it.

    A few suggestions, since the next patch will have 3 of the ones i came up during playing.
    – gauntlet modes (normal gameplay with checkpoints and increasingly harder waves, you race against your previous best)
    – sandbox mode (you build everything at start and can only activate modules during the run)
    – pirate mode (you are in control of the attacking waves/ships)
    – FPS/direct control (take control of a module and manually target enemy modules/activate skills)
    – fast forward (understandly there will be no pause/slow other than the tier 3 engine skill but need something to speed up the early phase of a run)
    – review of the run (like a movie, with a save option so it can be shared and viewed by others)

    Thanks for the good time I’ve spent so far playing, keep up the good work!


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