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Post-Gamescom 2013


Seeing as how I’ve been back from Gamescom for over a month now, I figured it was time to write something!

As you know (or maybe don’t), I went on a bit of a wild road trip to Cologne with Thibaut and Deborah from Events For Games, as well as with Michael and Thibaut from Mi-Clos Studio. The goal? Gamescom. When we got there we shared a stand at the French pavilion.

Michael with myself

Michael with myself

What was really cool was showing the game off to journalists – mostly French, really nice with the independents – and also to other independent developers that we met there, and whose advice and tips I paid careful attention to. So a quick ‘Hi!’ to Pastagames, Seaven Studio, Ragequit Corporation, Swingswing Submarines and anyone else I may have forgotten.

It was really great meeting you and having a few drinks together! (But 20 centiliter glasses -that’s less than half a pint – really??!!)

And finally a bit of feedback from the French press :
Indius – Preview
Game Side Story – Preview
Game Sphere – Quick impression
Journal du Gamer – Quick impression

And as a bonus, a preview from Canard PC!

Canard PC preview

And there you go. Coming up soon, I’m off to Paris for the EIGD, the 24th and 25th of October!

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